Financial Information

Daily Semi-Private Room Rate $225.00/day
Daily Private Room Rate As Available
Oxygen Concentrator $8.40/day


Pharmacy services are provided to residents when residents are covered under Medicare Part A, Medicare Part D Medicaid and managed care. Residents can choose to utilize our pharmacy services or an outside pharmacy of their choice.

Durable Medical Equipment (DME)

DME is provided by Mapleton Care Center to all residents as needed. Residents who have their own DME can bring such items or prior to admission.

Medical Supplies

All medical supplies are furnished by Mapleton directed by the resident's physician these supplies are without cost to all medicaid and Medicare residents, and in most cases to all private or self pay residents with some exceptions.


Costs vary depending on the type and length of services provided. The facility will bill privately for 20% of these charges.

Other Medical Services

Some medical services are available to residents through outside providers. Charges vary and are billed to the resident by the provider. Contact us for a list of the providers.