When making a Medicaid application, the family must contact the County Department of Social Services where the resident currently resides. The county will set an appointment time and date for application. Please tell us your application date.

Jefferson County Department of Social Services
900 Jefferson County Parkway
Golden, Colorado 80215

(303) 277-1388

You will be asked to provide information such as:

-Savings Accounts

-Insurance Coverage

-Automobile Ownership
-Checking Accounts -Burial Policies -Stocks and Bonds
-Deeds -Life Insurance Policies  

To speed the Medicaid application process, please bring all the required information with you to your meeting. Plan at least four to six weeks for confirmation from Medicaid. We can provide you with a comprehensive list of the information required by the county.

While your Medicaid application is pending and until your application has been approved for funding, families will be responsible for payment to Mapleton Care Center. Full payment for the month will be calculated at the current private pay rate. The resident°s social security and other monthly income are often used for this purpose.

As soon as your Medicaid funding is approved and if Medicaid makes the decision to cover care from the initial date of admission to the nursing center, we provide a refund for he amount paid us during the time of pending approval.

Be Medicaid guidelines, on the resident has been approved for Medicaid, their monthly income less $50.00 (persona needs income to the resident) is paid to the nursing center. Medicaid reimburses the facility additional funds to support the cost of care.

We will be pleased to assist you in this application process. Please contact us for additional information.